Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRs) programmes run by you, need to have measurable outcomes to serve the cause you are invested in to deliver value and impact. Jeevitam can help you achieve 10x of those outcomes.

Jeevitam Can Help You Deliver Impact


Impact at Scale

Investments in CSR programs usually take time to show RoI which are incremental. Jeevitam offers a livelihoods platform that is driven by technology to deliver impact at 10x the normal. If you aim to impact 1000 lives, we can help you achieve the same in half the time.


Multiple outcomes

With a database of 15 million people, working with some of the leading CSR programmes of MNCs in India, conducting Virtual Work Fairs targeting specific segments, we are creating multitudes of opportunities, transforming lives and delivering more for every rupee invested.

Affordable velocity

With a low setup fee and negligible cost per lead, Jeevitam offers you 10x outcomes at unmatched velocity and at affordable prices. Jeevitam reaches over 1000+ cities and has more than 300+ categories of profiles that could benefit from your CSR programme to transform lives through sustainable livelihood.

How It Works

Step 1

Post all your requirements, be it part-time, full time, short term or long-term, or even for gig workers.

Step 2

Jeevitam in action:

1. Jeevitam shortlists candidates in minutes

2. Starts briefing them through audio in 21+ languages

3. Ensures that candidate understands the role

4. Presents only those who match what you need.

Step 3

Start working with those who you have hired directly or helped find sustainable livelihoods.


Outcomes That Are Cost-Effective

Shortlisted Leads

Shortlisted leads are given within 2/3 days. Costs from INR 100 per lead; buy minimum 5 leads.

Basic Leads

Basic leads are given within 12 hrs. Costs from INR 50 per lead; buy minimum 5 leads.

Set up Fee

Looking for customisation for your brand? Connect with us to know about this cost

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