Running a business (big or small) is always hard. Jeevitam helps you manage your people-resource-challlenge quite easily. See more about how we can help you.

How Jeevitam Can Help You


Hiring Full Time Workers

Access our 15 million (1.5 crore+) database, across 200+ profiles and 1,000+ cities. Our tech platform takes away the pain of trying to get a rich database to choose from, and saves you loads of time and money.


Manage Your Own Jobs Helpline

Jeevitam will help you create and manage your own Jobs Helpline. Let your walk-in and referrals register on your helpline and you can then use that database for ever, as required.


Source and Manage Part Time Workers

Need part-time workers or short-term workers? Let Jeevitam help you find, train and manage this workforce at a fraction of the cost and avail of a work-ready workforce from the get-go.


Source and Manage Sales Freelancers

Can't find or hire Sales Team? Access thousands of Sales executives who can be hired on a freelance basis and let the platform help you create a new sales channel that can help your revenue generation. It's time to hear ka-ching!


Want to find Distributors and Commission Agents

Let Jeevitam manage this for you across the country - easily and cost effectively. Learn how our tech-enabled platform can accelerate your business growth without the time and effort required to set up a conventional Distribution Channel.


Want to hire for free?

Partner with Jeevitam as we work with Government bodies and CSRs to provide livelihood for the vulnerable segments through our Virtual Work Fairs where you can hire without paying any commissions.

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