How Do You Benefit With Jeevitam?

Focus on the right candidate

The platform ensures shortlisted and prospective employees are briefed about the work profile and understand what it's about, so you can focus on evaluating the candidature

No commissions to staffing agencies

Now you don't have to spend on commissions to staffing agencies to help you hire the right candidate. Jeevitam automates the entire hiring lifecycle from sourcing, authentication, shortlisting to offer letter, online, helping you save more than 80% of your costs.

Sourcing in the language of choice

Work seekers in blue/white/ grey collar categories can now get calls about their work opportunity in the languge of choice. Jeevitam's tech speaks about work opportunities in more than 21+ Indian languages making it easy for them to apply.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Spend under 3 mins to post your requirements - just once!.

Step 2


1. Total requirements (Basic / Shortlisted candidates)

2. Pay for only what you need

Step 3

The Jeevitam platform does the rest:

1. Short list candidates within minutes

2. Starts briefing them through AUDIO in 21+ languages

3. Ensures that candidate understands the role

Step 4

Within 2/3 days, all leads (as chosen and paid for) are sent to your mobile / email with all the details. Time to start making offers.


How Much Doesh It Cost You?

Shortlisted Leads

Shortlisted leads are given within 2/3 days.

Costs from INR 100 per lead; buy minimum 5 leads.

Ready To Start Hiring?

Start saving costs and time.
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