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State Wise Call - In Number


You can register or call on any number listed here. Use the state wise numbers to keep costs low!

Andhra Pradesh                 040 - 4821 5033
Delhi                          011 - 4118 2656
Karnataka                      080 - 4718 9444
Kerala                         049 - 5426 8990
Madhya Pradesh                 0731 - 485 5699
Rajasthan                      0141 - 494 0755
Tamil Nadu                     044 - 4631 5099
West Bengal                    033 - 4190 3599
Rest of India                  Any of the Above

Registration and Call-in Available in 21 Languages

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Work Part-time

Find part time work - at home or at businesses at their office.


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Become a sales freelancer and earn commission. Earn steady income.


Help Your Business Connect Hire

Become a Jeevitam Reseller and sell out services to businesses. Earn steady income.


Become a Delivery Freelancer (BETA)

Work with multiple brands through the Jeevitam Delivery Freelancer App


Find Gig Work (BETA)

Register with your technical skills - Carpentry, Plumbing, Mason, Welder, Fork Lift Operators, etc.


Skills & Re-skill Training (BETA)

Learn a new skill. Or change your work by getting a new skills.


Become Self-employed

Not able to find a suitable job? Become Self Employed. Choose from 20+ opportunities.


Start Your Own Business

Start your own business. Let us help you.

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