If you want to reactivate Insurance agents to help orphaned investors, or have your tech offering made accessible and downloadable in half the price, come to Jeevitam. We can amplify your service, your offering, your product at 50% of the cost of some of the leading digital partners and give you 3x the value.

Performance Marketing At Work


End-to-end solution

We understand the needs of the BFSI segment and work closely to reactivate your agents and integrate with your processes to drive results. Our telecalling is available in 21 Indian languages and our BI can help improve campaigns to deliver measurable results.


Lead-based costs

Pay only for what you get and what we can get you. We can connect to a large number of the target audience which works on your specific requirements and budgets. Our lead-gen campaigns are continuously monitored to optimize conversions at every stage of the process.


Turnkey solution at scale

Reach millions of customers in days, with Jeevitam's powerful technology designed to connect, curate and convert leads. Jeevitam can integrate with your current sales processes, provide decision-enabling analytics to make your product/service offering actually work.

Outcome Based Marketing

Cost per download

If you need to achieve 'x' downloads of your app in a fixed timeframe, Jeevitam can help you achieve that at 1/2 the cost of leading online publishers.

Go beyond 'likes' & 'follows'

Get better RoI on your cost per impression based on your marketing objectives. Increase traffic to your website, get more people to click on your ads and increase conversions.

Lower customer acquisition cost

We monitor the marketing of your product offering or service continuously to ensure active engagement with the target audience, resulting in efficiency and effectiveness of your customer acquisition costs

Results In Just 3 Steps

Step 1

Give Jeevitam the requirements - for e.g., the numbers of Insurance agents you want to activate, with your reactivation criteria

Step 2

Jeevitam in action:

1. Jeevitam shortlists candidates in minutes

2. Starts briefing them through audio in 21+ languages

3. Integration with existing processes and simplified dashboard

4. Ramp up or scale down as per requirement

Step 3

Activates your distribution / sales/ agents team in days. Get 3x in 3 months with curated conversions.


Get Set To Succeed

It's time you got into action mode and enabled your business
with the right tools to succeed. Kickstart your Jeevitam account today.