Access lakhs of Sales Freelancers across the country. Hire and manage them using Jeevitam and create a variable cost channel to sell your products across the country.

How do you benefit by using jeevitam sales freelancers?

Scale Easily

With lakhs of people in Jeevitam's database interested in Sales Opportunities, get the right profile matched and scale easily through Jeevitam.

Create a Variable Cost Channel

All the sales freelancers work for commission/fees. Manage your sales as a variable cost, and pay when your sales objectives are met.

Simple & Seamless

Source, train, track and hire - all enabled with the Jeevitam app. You focus on your business while we help you hire and manage your people resources.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Post your requirements - the Jeevitam relationship team helps you with this.

Step 2

Jeevitam in action:

1. Short list candidates within minutes

2. Starts briefing them through AUDIO in 21+ languages

3. IEnsures that candidate understands products, the demand, the earnings, etc.

4. Presents only those meet your requirements.

Step 3

Start selling!

How much does it cost you?

Set up Fee

Looking for customisation for your brand? Connect with us to know about this cost.

Monthly Subscription

How many Sales freelancers are you looking for? Connect with us to start your hiring.

Drive Digital Job Fairs

Need to hire at scale? Let us drive Digital Work Fairs for your requirements. Connect with us to know how.

Ready To Start Selling Your Products?

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