If you're looking to create a thriving and highly engaged community of agents and investors to grow your insurance business, we can help.

Make Your Insurance Business Grow


Reactivate past investors

Eliminate the need to start from scratch to try and acquire new clients. Just reactivate hundreds of past investors who may have dropped off from your active list.


Re-engage with inactive agents

Several registered agents may be inactive for and hence not adding value to your business. Now you can re-engage with them easily and leverage their experience to grow your business


Restore your 'orphaned' connections

Make your potential investors and past investors feel cared for. Say 'Restore your connection with these 'orphaned' investors directly, and

Jeevitam Helps Your Business Grow

Speed & Scale

Connect with lakhs of customers leveraging AI-powered Audio technology, in days.

Speak their language

Jeevitam's audio-enabled technology can help you connect with your customers in 21 Indian languages.

Customisable & Integrated

Jeevitam can customise its technology to accommodate your specific requirements and integrate it easily with existing internal legacy systems

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